Who are we?

• Vetcal Group is a family-owned company who imports the animal nutrition and pharmaceuticals from other countries in the world and do marketing of animal feed, feed additives, medicine and innovation products.
• Established in 1975 in the name of Thaipharmi farm Co,.Ltd. 
• In 2006, we reorganized the company to be Vetcal Group, start importing and do marketing in livestock and pet businesses
• Nowadays, we have 80 staffs work in company.


• Focusing the innovative and high-quality products around the world for animals.
• Cooperate with professional teams in domestic and international countries.
• We provide variety of good services and meet the needs of our customers with service mind.


“We dedicate ourselves to provide customers with feed and medicines that promote animal health and performance in the food value chain”



         UNILINE FEED CO.,LTD.    Distributing products Compleleted Feed, Feed Concentrates, Raw materials, feed Ingredients and feed additives. All products are high quality and produced under standard manufacturing with competitive price.
         NUTEC PHARMA CO.,LTD.    Distributing Veterinary pharmaceutical, Medicines, Milk replacer Feed additives, Vitamins & Supplements, Disnfectants, Insecticides, Water treatments of finished products which are high quality and standard.
         PETMED PHARMA CO.,LTD.    We are Distributor and exporter all products for pets, Veterinary pharmaceutical products, Medical Instruments, Insectcides, pet snack, Pet accessories and Pet care products.